Sometimes it’s just books

I just finished a virtual talk on Historical Uses of Texas Plants, and there’s not a great way to get the participants, some from Youtube, and some from Zoom, a list of the reference books I used. Inquiring minds want to know. So, boring as it might be for my regular readers, what follows below is the text of the handout I would usually bring with me to an in-person talk. You won’t be able to feel the Yucca and Rattlesnake Master leaves, taste the Horsemeint, or smell the Listerine bottle I usually bring. But you can have the booklist, and the black walnut I usually pass around will not stain your fingers either.

Historical (and current) Uses of Native Plants–resources


Remarkable Plants of Texas     by  Matt Warnock Turner

Uses of plants by the Indians of the Missouri River Region  by Melvin R. Gilmore

Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie   by Kelly Kindscher

Edible Wild Plants of the Prairie  by Kelly Kindscher

Edible Plants of the Gulf South  by Charles M Allen, Andrew Allen and Harry Winters

Edible and Useful Plants of Texas and the Southwest  by Delena Tull