Dashing Damsels, No Distress

We attended a water ski party this weekend, and though my skiing days are long gone, I knew it would afford me the chance to slip away and hunt for dragonflies and damselflies at the water’s edge as well as chat with old friends and meet new ones. I wasn’t disappointed. It was a great party with interesting guests, and I and came away with a few too many photos to comfortably sort. When I’m sorting, I can almost hear my eye doctor’s assistant saying, “Which is better? Number 2, or Number 3?” as I flip back and forth trying to decide whether an out of focus tail is preferable to an out of focus head. I am almost as uncomfortable making photo decisions as I am making decisions on lenses.

Anyway, instead of overthinking this one and writing lots and lots. I’m simply going to toss up some photos for your enjoyment. These damselflies, of at least three species, were busy mating, lounging, and hunting by the water’s edge, exactly where I expected them to be–on and near some plants emerging vertically from the water. You’ll find some too if you stop by your local pond or lake, and you’ll recognize them by their quick flight, slim bodies, and long wings that fold over their abdomens when resting.