The Daily Owler: Trouble in Paradise!

Today while eating lunch, I looked up to see several insects buzzing around the entrance of our owl nestbox. It worried me a little because I have heard from at least six people that their owl boxes were occupied by Honeybees after the owls left at the end of nesting season. I’ve never heard anyone say that the Honeybees kicked their owls out, but I don’t know if that’s impossible either. From my place at the table, I watched a bit while insects flew in and out of the main entrance hole and inspected the ventilation holes too.

In a minute or two, an owl popped its head out and filled the doorway pretty effectively. I saw a couple of insects bounce off the owl’s face. Richard went out and grabbed a couple of photos, and we can clearly see the interlopers are Honeybees!

I don’t know the end of this story yet. I promise updates if something interesting happens. We may try to distract the bees with a better option. I definitely don’t want them interfering with the owls. Honeybees are not native to this continent, and it would not be “letting nature take its course” to allow them to take over the box.

We’ll see who wins, but I’m thinking, ” Let no bee thwart my owls!”